15 - February - 2018
AEONLESS - Cosmic Battlefields CD

Our third full-length album "Cosmic Battlefields" is out now on Acclaim Records!
Released on CD and Digital formats, the album contains 6 songs of
Atmospheric Cosmic Black Metal! 
An Epic journey to the edge of the Galaxy!
You can listen to the album on the label's Bandcamp page.

27 - September - 2016
AEONLESS - Aeonless CD

Our second full-length album "Aeonless" is out now!
Acclaim Records (Bulgaria) and Symbol of Domination (Belarus) just released our new album
on CD, limited to 500 copies with a colored 12 pages booklet containing all the lyrics and band photos. 
The album contains 10 new songs (43 minutes length) and the style can be described 
as Black/Doom Metal with Heavy Metal touch. 
A digital version is also available for purchase from HERE. 
You can listen to the album on the label's Bandcamp page.

24 - March - 2015

We have started work on our new album with working name "Aeonless".
The album will contain 10 songs and the lyrics will be in Finnish language.

The music direction went more to the classic Heavy Metal lines, it will be still 
a Black / Doom Metal, just faster and more melodic in a way. 

The location of the band also has been changed, now Aeonless is located in USA and Finland.
All the instrumental parts were recorded in Phoenix, Arizona. The vocals, mixing and mastering
will be done in Finland. 

Four new photos have been added in the photo section of the site.

Expect more news soon!
21 - November - 2014
Core of Destruction Radio

On November 19th, AEONLESS - "Mount Wisdom" track was played
and the band was presented on 
Core of Destruction Radio: Mari's Cauldron air.

Listen to the full track HERE

Thanks for the support! \m/
16 - June - 2014
Radio Varna

This Monday (June 16, 2014) on Radio Varna's air:
Interview with Georgi Georgiev from Aeonless.
The host of "From the Other Side",
Martin Nikolov will present the band, ask questions and play some tracks on air.
"From the Other Side" starts from 8PM and ends at 11PM.
Listen to the full interview HERE (Audio in Bulgarian, English translation available)
Or download the full interview on mp3 HERE (Bulgarian language only)
12 - January - 2014
AEONLESS - Underearth Horizons

AEONLESS - "Underearth Horizons" OUT on January 15th!

CD limited to 500 copies, album cover with 12 pages booklet containing lyrics, photos and great artwork!

The CD is released by: 
Vacula Productions (Ukraine) and Wolfmond Production (Germany).

For orders and trades get in touch with the labels.
22 - November - 2013 AEONLESS - Album Trailer

Finally our upcoming album - "Underearth Horizons" is finished!
18 tracks and over 77 minutes of music that mixes Atmospheric, Doom and Black Metal!
More details you can find at the "Music" section on our website.
Check out the Album Trailer for it.
Also the promo video for the song "Mount Wisdom".
You can find all the lyrics on our website as well.
We are searching a label for physical release of the album,
feel free to get in touch if you are interested: aeonlessband@gmail.com
10 - November - 2013 AEONLESS - First Official T-shirt

AEONLESS First Official T-shirt is OUT NOW!

Black T-shirt with Bluish-white front print
Limited to 30, made in Finland

Price: 12  + Postage

E-mail for ordering:
Payment method is PayPal, write first to ask if there are T-shirts available!
Ask for specific T-shirt size as well.

NOTE: 10 pieces left only!
05 - October - 2013 AEONLESS - Underearth Horizons

We are proud to show you the cover for our upcoming album - Underearth Horizons!

There is still a little bit work left on finalizing it, but you can listen to the track
"Mount Wisdom" here on our website player or watch the Promo Video for it.

There would be 18 tracks in total, titles will be announced later as well.

Soon we will start looking for a label after everything is finished and ready.

A limited edition T-shirt should be available at the end of this month or so.

After the album is done a trailer containing samples from all of the tracks
will be posted, keep following our website and Facebook page for updates.

If you want to get in touch with questions, feel free to write us: aeonlessband@gmail.com
30 - July - 2013 AEONLESS - Death Inside of Me

WELCOME in the official homepage of AEONLESS!

The first promo track "Death... Inside of Me" can be found here on our website
available for free download and sharing with non-commercial use.
There is also a promo video that can be seen on our YouTube channel and on the
website's Video section as well.

We have began recording a full-lenght album, it would be above 70 minutes long.
Labels interested in our band can get in touch, we have no label for the moment.
Check out our Video and Downloads section for some music samples.
Photos of the band members will be up soon.

Keep a track of our activity, updates and more news will come soon!