Georgi Georgiev: guitar, bass GEORGI GEORGIEV photo 2013

Underground Metal musician, born in 1978 in Bulgaria.
Started his activity in 1996 in a local Heavy/Black Metal band Snow Bird.
Founder, co-founder, permanent and session member of many local bands through the years
such as Exile, Calth, Forgotten Forests, Raggradarh, etc.
Guitarist in most of the bands, also a vocalist in some and bass guitar (usually for recording sessions only).
Having around 80 releases in his discography so far (Albums, Demos, Splits, etc.)
Jori Hautala: vocals, synth JORI HAUTALA photo 2013

Metal / Rock musician from Finland.
Has influenced around music since 1998 as keyboardist, lyricist,
graphical designer, singer, composer, promotor, financer and also sound engineer.
Has been involved in several unknown bands, handful of live performances. 
Founder and member of bands such as Initiaatio, Northern Deathstyle, Suokulkija, and other.
Creating mostly experimental music, containing various influences and ideas.